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A brief summary of “Durbie”..

       My Name is Graham Durbridge, I was born in the summer of 1965, in Guildford. I started holding a pencil to draw comic book characters from the age of 5, after visiting an uncle I met my first custom car in the shape of Revenge, the Model T ford built by Nick Butler, I was hooked, drawing at first on school books and spare scraps of paper, then in my art class and for anyone who wanted a picture..

Fast forward

I never got the chance to earn a living or go to art college on drawing, as the death of my father when I was a teenager meant I had to pull in a couple of low paid jobs to live!! I was still drawing as a hobby, but after a few busy years I stopped drawing for a while.

Recently I picked up pen and paper again, and thanks to a really good friend of mine, he bought me my web domain as a Christmas present and to this day runs the website, and whenever I need drawings putting on, he’s always there, with all the encouragement a true friend can give. “Mr Paul Cave stand up and take a bow”

 Nowadays, still not made it as a professional artist yet! But I am always being asked for personal pictures to be done, and always busy which I enjoy

My website!

      I draw “personalised cars, not just you’re run of the mill pictures but each car drawn to request, or how I imagine that car would look, always with that personal touch that’s missing from some websites. My intention is to do more cars show and set up a stall both selling my art and also drawing on-site. I’m going to carry on drawing cars as that’s what I enjoy most!!

If you have any personalised artwork needing doing, drop me a line.

I am always pleased to help……….