Durbie World

A Brief Summary of "Durbie"

My name is Graham Durbridge, I was born in the summer of 1965, in Guildford UK. I started holding a pencil to draw comic bokk characters from the age of 5, after visiting an Uncle. I saw my first custom car in teh shape of Revenge, the Model T Ford built by Nick Butler. I was hooked, drawing af first on school books and spare scraps of paper. Then in my art class and for anyone who wanted a picture.

I never got the chance to earn a living or go to Art College due to the death of my father in my teenaged years. This meant i had to pull in a couple of low paid jobs to live. I was still drawing as a hobby, but after a few busy years i stopped drawing for a while.

After a few years a good friend of mine encouraged me to pick up pen and paper agian. Although still not made it as a professional artist i am always being asked for personal pictures to be drawn.

Now moved from the UK to sunnier climates with my wife, That professional artist dream may happen.